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Dealing with sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that is created when there is interference with the sections of your nervous system that emerge from your spine and run down to the lower half of your body. This condition can commonly lead to pain and in your lower body and down to your legs or feet.


Symptoms Of Sciatica

If your doctor has given you a diagnosis of "Lumbar Radiculopathy" this means that one or multiple the nerves that emerge from your lower back have become irritated or in some instances pinched. This can lead to the you experiencing pain, numbness or tingling in the specific area of your leg that is supplied by the irritated nerve.

The term "Sciatica" is the common term that is often used to describe this condition, because most (but not all) "lumbar radiculopathies" in some way impact the sciatic nerve which supplies the back & outside of your thigh and calf. Symptoms of a lumbar radiculopathy fluxuate depending on the patient and can range from a dull ache to a ongoing severe sharp shooting pain. Your symptoms are most likely made worse or aggravated by certain positions or movements. 

Getting Free Of Sciatica Pain

To properly treat this condition, we will treat the source of your nerve irritation. It is important for you to follow your personalized treatment plan closely to maximize its effectiveness. Always be sure to notify us as soon as possible if you experience any progression of your leg pain, numbness or weakness.

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